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Today's Musings: My Tribute to Bob Marley

Ahead of tomorrow’s “What I’m listening to this week”, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge my love of reggae music and especially Bob Marley. I first started listening to Bob Marley in college – granted, as most do – when one of my roommates ordered the Songs of Freedom box set we [Continue]

Today's Musings: Solange Covers "Viva la Vida"

So, I was going to save my first true post for a review of an album, but I ran across this and couldn’t wait. Before I begin this, I should probably mention that Coldplay is one of my favorite bands. I own pretty much every song they’ve ever played and keep up with the band [Continue]

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So this is blogging, huh? Wow, you really have to put some effort in to get it up and running. Kudos millions of people eager to overshare with others! Here’s what my blog is about…I love music and listen to lots of it. I listen to as much as I can, but I don’t claim [Continue]

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