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Flaming Lips to headline another Texas Festival!

Flaming Lips to headline another Texas Festival!

FREE PRESS SUMMER FEST 2010 JUNE 5TH AND 6TH AT ELEANOR TINSLEY PARK Yeah, that’s right!  The Flaming Lips are aiming to dominate their neighbor state in the next few months, as they headline March’s highly anticipated NX35 festival right after they kickoff SXSW at the Austin Music Hall.  Now it’s just been announced that [Continue]

What's your Valentine's Day song?

I’m going with “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by Wham!  This one’s going out to you, Seanningham…and it’s not just because George Michael looks so pretty in the video.  It’s because you put the boom boom into my heart and you make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day.  Happy Valentine’s Day! [Continue]

Have you listened to Fictionist?

I have now, thanks to my friends at Paper Thin Media!  Fictionist is a band from Utah which combines a number of styles and genres and does it really well.  Pulling mainly from rock, indie and psychedelia, the band manages to create an intricate and unique indie rock sound, and lead singer Stuart Maxfield [Continue]

Today's Musing: Gender-Bending Musical Comedy

I’m several days late in posting this, but it’s completely worth it anyway.  It matters not that the “Late Night Wars 2″ is over…if you still haven’t read my top 10 reasons to join Team Craig and made the change (are you really watching Jimmy Fallon?!), then you’re missing out on some truly subversive [Continue]

Today's Musing: Cactus Cafe to Close

Today's Musing: Cactus Cafe to Close

Yesterday, the University of Texas announced that in August, they are closing the famous on-campus music venue, the Cactus Cafe.  It comes as a shock to many, and as a University student and a lover of music with a fondness for our fair city, I’m also saddened to hear this news.  The Cactus Cafe is [Continue]

Today's Musings: Music Tidbits

The Heartless Bastards on Jimmy Kimmel The Heartless Bastards performed “Out at Sea” on Jimmy Kimmel last night.  Don’t forget to check out their Austin City Limits performance tonight!  And if you haven’t yet read Seanningham’s guest album review of The Mountain, check it out here. Will Ferrell [Continue]

Today's Musings: The Flaming Lips-gasm

AHHHH!!!  I’m ridiculously excited about The Flaming Lips coming to Austin in March!  It’s just been announced that they’ll be playing the Austin Music Hall on March 12th.  Tickets go on sale January 30th at 10 am and it looks like they’re running $35 – $37. My regular readers have been Flaming Lip-sed to [Continue]

Today's Musings: A Peek at The Wailers

Today's Musings: A Peek at The Wailers

Last night at Antone’s, The Wailers proved why (despite the fact that the band contains only one actual original Wailer – Aston “Family Man” Barrett) they remain enormously popular around the country by delivering up two full hours of excellent covers hitting the most popular Bob Marley and the Wailers tracks.  Getting to [Continue]

Today's Musings: All right, that's about enough KoL

Today's Musings: All right, that's about enough KoL

Hey there, did you hear the one about the Kings of Leon fashion line? …Wait, what? …It’s not a joke? …It’s for real? AND it’s real expensive too? Oh, f***ing hell!! Yeah, that’s right.  The Kings of Kvetching about how much they hate being popular and having been forced to sell out (and no it [Continue]

Today's Musings: Vampire Weekend on Letterman

Vampire Weekend performed “Cousins” from their upcoming album Contra last night on Letterman, and it’s hard to tell, but I’m not entirely sure it went well.  Look, I’ve never been a huge fan of Vampire Weekend (if you missed my review of their debut album, you can read it here), but the one thing [Continue]

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