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On Austin Girl Music Guide, I post reviews, videos, and pictures of concerts that I attend, and reviews of albums that I happen to be listening to (old, new, from pretty much any genre, and everything in-between).  I’ll also post cool music-related Austin happenings that I hear about, random music tidbits, and any-and-all things music-related that that might be interesting to my readers.  I sometimes do interviews with artists and lots of other cool stuff.  Check out my Categories on the sidebar to get started!

Austin Girl Music Guide Caveats: It’s Reviews for Regular People

I love music and listen to lots of it. I listen to as much as I can, but I don’t claim to have heard of the latest indie hipster bands, and I don’t seek out the most obscure and cowlick-haired of them all.  I’m not a music expert or a music snob.  I just like music and seeing bands live, talking about music in detail, and now, ideally, writing about it for mass consumption (or the consumption of the 3 friends I have).

Austin Girl Music Guide is for normal people who just dig music, meant to be accessible and not intimidatingly cutting-edge.  I review whatever I have in my collection and feel like listening to that week, new albums I’ve just acquired, concerts that I go to, and whatever else interests me.  I’m not concerned about being the site that breaks all music news because for me, music is about enjoyment, pure and simple, and you don’t have to have heard it first to get that.

If you love to think about music and would enjoy reading reviews about live concerts, albums you may already own, or finding out about albums you may have never heard of, you might like to give my blog a whirl.

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