Watch: Adele’s Video for “Someone Like You”

Adele just released a video for “Someone Like You.”  If you thought the song was heartwrenching enough before, wait until you see this.  The video was shot in black and white on the streets of Paris and given a film treatment.  It’s gorgeous, simple, and effective.

Of course, the release is a great excuse to discuss this song I’ve been contemplating for a while anyway.  I first heard “Someone Like You” on the radio a few weeks ago, and it truly hits you like a ton of bricks.  Adele’s powerful voice delivers the rawest of heartbreak over a minimal musical background as she struggles to come to terms with love lost.  Her performance is absolutely brilliant in this song – quite possibly one of the best female vocal performances in years – and whether or not you’ve been through her situation, you’d have to have a cold steel soul not to relate to a piece of the pain she captures.  ”Someone Like You” is special in that it sticks with you deeply, and has the same affect on you each time you hear it – a real accomplishment for a modern ballad.

What do you think?  Is Adele a shoe-in for Best Female Vocal Performance at the Grammys?  Do you find yourself wrapped up in “Someone Like You”?  Or do you force yourself to change it so that you’re not tearing up at the grocery store?

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