Preview: Fun Fun Fun Fest, Friday and Saturday

Happy Monday everyone!  Now that October is drawing to a close, isn’t it about time to look forward, forge ahead to the next big festival on Austin’s ever-expanding list of events?  And that, my friends, would be Fun Fun Fun Fest, taking place November 6-8 at Waterloo Park.  FFFF is one of Austin’s newer fests; it got its start in 2006 and is basically like a mini, underground Bonnaroo without the camping and heat stroke.  FFFF boasts artists from the “punk/hardcore, indie rock, hip hop/DJ, and comedy scenes” on four stages and is one of the best festival bargains around, with tickets starting at just $41 for a one day, Weird Al birthday-related pass.

If you’re a fan of obscure bands, underground artists, or enjoy discovering new bands you haven’t heard of, then FFFF might be your scene.  I’m going to be there for the very first time, and while granted, I’m not a huge fan of seeing bands for ironic reasons, I’m still looking forward to catching some of the genuinely talented indie artists headed our way in a couple of short weeks.  Here are my recommendations for who to see on Friday and Saturday of the fest!

Friday, November 5th

6 pm, Todd Barry

Start the fest out by checking out Todd Barry, the prolific comedian with a laconic style.

6:30 pm, Arc Attack

Don’t miss the local super-nerds with the super-coolest instruments ever, fresh off their appearance on America’s Got Talent.  Guaranteed to be entertaining!

7:45 pm, Weird Al Yankovic

Speaking of super-nerds, um…Weird Al is going to be at FFFF.  Al is experiencing a renaissance of sorts as the ’90s come roaring back into fashion.  The crowd will be divided between those who actually liked Weird Al back in the day, and those glancing coolly at him over a new pair of neon Ray-Ban knock-offs – which side will you be on?  (If you ever laughed hysterically at “Amish Paradise,” you’ll know where to find me.)

Saturday, November 6th

12:15 pm, Royal Forest

Another local band, this time an indie one, hits FFFF at 12:15 on Saturday.  Fans of experimental pop that combines traditional elements of indie melancholy with uplifting beats should check out Royal Forest.

12:50 pm, Woven Bones

Woven Bones, the third Austin pick for FFFF, specialize in messy, feedback-filled proto punk.  Check them out if you need some dissonance in your festival day.

1:00 pm, Andy Ritchie

Another dose of comedy for the mid-day slump, including jokes about Texas!  Don’t miss Andy Ritchie at 1 pm.

1:25 pm, Jeff the Brotherhood

Jake and Jamin Orrall are two brothers who make music with drums and a guitar.  They play stripped-down noise rock and are known for their propensity to play absolutely anywhere.  See them play an actual stage at 1:25 at FFFF.

2:00 pm, The Appleseed Cast

The Appleseed Cast, out of Kansas, are one of the more “experienced” bands to play this year’s FFFF.  Their style is something like emo with post-punk and post-rock thrown in the mix – they have an eclectic variety of tunes.  Their longevity and ability to draw from numerous albums should work as a plus at FFFF.

2:15 pm, Invincible

If you make Invincible your first dose of FFFF rap, then you won’t be disappointed.  She’s a rapper from the underground scene in Detroit who works her smart lyrics to tackle social issues with incredible style.  Don’t miss this show.

2:45 pm, The Antlers

One of the most anticipated bands of FFFF will likely produce one of the biggest crowds.  The Antlers will bring their polished, lovely indie tunes to Austin in another don’t-miss-it show.

3:15 pm, Anarchy Championship Wrestling

Alright, so I’m going completely hands-off on the Stupid Stunt portion of FFFF, but….c’mon.  Anarchy Championship Wrestling is an Austin original and promises to be a wild way to blow off some steam in the middle of the day.

3:30 pm, Wavves

When your stomach inevitable starts to hurt watching Anarchy Championship Wrestling, make your way over to Wavves’ show.  Yes, it’s THAT Wavves, the guy who got trashed on stage and roused the ire of serious indie artists.  See what he’s up to now (noisy indie rock inspired by the beach!) at 3:30 pm.

3:50 pm, Slick Rick

Old school British rapper Slick Rick will make a highly anticipated appearance at FFFF.  Check it out at 3:50 pm.

4:15 pm, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

Another show not to be missed is Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti.  Drawing musical influence from the late ’70s and early ’80s, Pink blends together psychedelic elements with pop and lo-fi to interesting effect.  This should be a good one.

4:50 pm, Dominique Young Unique

This young artist from Florida blends hard and raw beats with a spitfire approach to lyrics.  See this show for the fresh attitude that will be pouring from the stage.

5:30 pm, New Movement Comedy Group

Comedy break!!!  Austin’s own New Movement troupe will put on an early evening improv/sketch show at 5:30 pm.

6:15 pm, Moshe Kasher

The comedy break continues with comedian-on-the-rise Moshe Kasher at 6:15 pm.  Oh, the hilarity!

6:40 pm, Delorean

Delorean is a Spanish collective of sorts, playing electronic alternative music meant for dancing.  Get your groove on in the sunset hours at this show.

6:55 pm, Man Man

Man Man is known for their eccentric style, both personal and musical.  They use a variety of unique instruments to create a exuberant lo-fi pop with a traditional twist.

7:35 pm, Dâm-Funk

LA’s Dam-Funk specializes in funky, modern, electronic DJing.  Another chance to boogie your face off.

7:50 pm, GWAR

So they were just in town for SXSW…who cares?  This is one of the craziest, most entertaining live shows you’re ever going to see.  See the Dirty Projectors another time and enjoy the simple pleasures of being covered in blood and alien semen at Gwar’s live show.

8:45 pm, Bad Religion or MGMT

Alright, so this is another one of those cop-outs, but honestly, I don’t even know who I want to see yet.  Like ACL, I’m going to allow my mood at the time to dictate my schedule.  If I want loud, brash, classic punk rock, I’ll see Bad Religion.  If I want something more psychedelic with chances of breaking down, I’ll see MGMT.  Simple as that.

Okay, there you have it – my picks for Friday and Saturday of FFFF!  So whaddya think?  Who are you going to see and why?  Are you going mainly for comedy and stunts?  Or to see artists with the potential of having stage meltdowns, of which there seem to be many?  Talk about it in the comments!

Stay tuned for Sunday’s picks, coming along this week.

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