Preview: ACL Festival 2010, Bands to See Friday

Well, it’s about that time…the ACL Festival is right around the corner and now that the aftershow situation has been addressed, let the daily schedule planning commence!  It’s getting cooler outside and I’m extra excited about the possibility of good weather this year (let’s cross our fingers that the Dillo Dirt has been thoroughly soaked into the grass by now).  With just two and a half weeks to go until one of my favorite local events EVER, stay tuned into AGMG for the best festival picks for all three days of ACL.  Today, we’re looking at Friday.


The GIVERS – 11:45 am – 12:30 pm

Start out your festival experience with happy, quality indie pop music from Louisiana band The GIVERS.  Here’s how much buzz they have: they haven’t even released a full album (only an EP) and they’ve already played at several festivals, including SXSW, and have toured with the Dirty Projectors and Ra Ra Riot.  Guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

The Soft Pack – 1  – 2 pm

San Diego rock band The Soft Pack specializes in vintage garage band rock.  Touring in promotion of their self-titled full-length debut, go see them if you need a dose of back-to-basics rock ‘n’ roll.

Girls – 3 – 4 pm

Girls basically bills themselves as a tribute to the peace and love attitude in San Francisco and the glory of adolescence.  While that may seem overly nostalgic to some, at least the band is fully sincere.  My advice – see them for the nicely ingrained tributes to Buddy Holly and the Beach Boys and ignore the nouveau hippie vibes from the audience.

The Black Keys – 4 – 5 pm

Um, in an obvious time slot choice (since the schedule was rearranged to accommodate fans of both Broken Bells and The Black Keys), The Black Keys are one of the must-see bands of this year’s fest.  Their latest album, Brothers, is possibly their best work yet, making their functional and spare bluesy-garage rock sexy and soulful.  Don’t miss this duo on Friday afternoon.

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The Sword – 5 – 6 pm

This is a rare opportunity – seeing a heavy metal band from Austin play in a decent time slot at the ACL Festival!  They played alongside metal heroes Motorhead at SXSW, and as one of the few metal bands to grace the fest in their own hometown, expect a very welcoming homecoming for The Sword.

Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich & Fussible – 5:45 – 6:45 pm

Trust me, you’ll have three days to fill your brain with indie and singer-songwriter tunes, so use this chance to see something different.  The Nortec Collective take traditional Latino styles of music and blending them with creative electronic beats, hence the “Nortec” – norteño plus techno.  This is a sound you won’t soon hear at any other show at the festival.

Sonic Youth – 7 – 8 pm

Despite other worthy time slot shar-ers, Sonic Youth is my pick for Friday’s early evening hours.  Don’t miss a chance to see one of the most influential early alternative/post-punk indie bands of all time.  Flannels required.

The Strokes – 8 – 9 pm

Another dose of flashback rock here.  With members who have launched solo careers and others who have dated Drew Barrymore, The Strokes are bona fide rock stars in all the senses of the words.  Their following in the States might be divisive, but given the option of seeing them or Phish…you should choose The Strokes.

Make sure and come back tomorrow for my Saturday picks.  Sunday picks follow on Tuesday.

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