ACL Festival Grid Released

The Austin City Limits Music Festival grid was released earlier today, so it’s officially time to start (further) obsessively planning your schedule for the second weekend in October!  If you missed my reaction on the bands in the lineup, check out that post here, but since then, the festival has also added The Black Lips, Silversun Pickups, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, and more (check out the rest here), sweetening the deal for the very stacked mid-size band section.

So, let’s talk about the grid.  Friday and Saturday are definitely the most crowded days, with Sunday being slightly lighter on bands I’m interested in.  Since the majority of bands I want to see fall on the first two days, there’s bound to be a few conflicts and hard choices to be made.

Friday, there’s only a couple of tough decisions.  Miike Snow and Girls (who are not dissimilar in genre, by the way) both go on at 4:00 pm, immediately followed by the Black Keys and Broken Bells (if you missed it, read my review of Broken Bells’ album here) at 5:00 pm.  I really like Broken Bells, and they probably won’t come back through these parts any time soon, but the Black Keys’ new tracks have impressed me and it could be an exciting show.  I’m still not sure yet how my particular cards will fall, so I’ll wait until my ACL Weekend Preview in October to sort it all out.

Saturday is a bit more of a mess right now.  There’s Local Natives, Dan Black, and Silversun Pickups all starting between 4:30 and 4:45 pm, then Temper Trap and The xx at 5:30 pm.  Finally, the giant cluster-you-know-what happens when Monsters of Folk (who are playing a very, very rare 2 hour set in the middle of the afternoon), Gogol Bordello, and LCD Soundsystem all play in the early evening hours.  While right now I’m tempted to skip Gogol since I’ve seen them several times, I’m not making any firm commitments right now.  At least Sunday is completely conflict free for me…a lovely day that’ll also probably be ending, oh say, around 8 pm.

Alright, so what are your big conflicts?  What major scheduling decisions do you need to make?  Are you an early committer, or are you going to wing it?  And what advice do you have for my Saturday dilemmas?  Okay…go!

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