Pachanga Latino Music Festival Preview

Well, it’s a new week in Austin, which means – what else -  there is another festival over the horizon!  But this weekend promises to hold an especially good one.  It’s the Pachanga Latino Music Festival and it’s taking place on Saturday, May 22nd at Fiesta Gardens.  Pachanga is only a couple of years old, but if the buzz from last year is any indicator, it’s surely on its way to becoming one of the premier Latin music festivals around.  And Saturday, some of the biggest and most talented Latino artists will play the fest, including Grupo Fantasma, Brownout!, David Garza, and of course, Vallejo.  Plus, Pachanga also features a host of different styles of Latin music, from the traditional to the genre-bending.

The gates open at noon, the music will go until midnight, and the tickets are ridiculously cheap.  They start at just $21 for the whole day, plus there’s an option to buy 4 tickets at a time for only $50 so you save money.  Dish out $50 for VIP tickets and get the all-coveted access to air conditioning, food tastings, and unlimited alcohol.  All told, if you’re looking to have a terrific time listening to some truly talented musicians playing a surprising variety of Latin music, you should definitely consider getting your feet moving at Pachanga’s dance fest.

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