SXSW Exclusive: Venice is Sinking Performances

The Athens band Venice is Sinking came by our studio last Thursday to record a couple of “stripped-down” performances.  I put that in quotations because it’s hard to say that a performance is stripped down if it involves horns, but no matter -  when we saw piece after piece of gear being hauled up the very narrow staircase to our dungeon-like accommodations, Sean and I quickly scrambled to make room and get extra equipment to make sure they would sound great.

It’s safe to say we were both amazed at the skill of all of the members of Venice is Sinking, as well as the effort they put into these performances.  More importantly, they made the performances look and sound effortless, which is no easy feat to pull off when you have less than an hour to set up and record.

Enjoy this first cut of their songs (final edit will be out ASAP) and be sure to check out their upcoming album, Sand and Lines, very soon.

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  • seanningham says:

    I was trying not to freak out when I saw how much gear they were loading in, and I was worried that they’d balk at our low-key record setup. But Venice is Sinking didn’t bat an eye, and were great sports about the whole thing.

    Two cameras, four mics, six talented musicians, and ONE TAKE can make some incredible video. I’m in the final stages of editing together the final versions of this with more pronounced vocals and better mixing. Stay tuned!


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