SXSW Exclusive: Quiet Company Acoustic Performance

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting the members of the Austin band Quiet Company.  When we told their manager Paul that we could really only accommodate a stripped-down performance, we had no idea what to expect when he said that they would work something out.  From the second the giant L O V E letters were carried into our makeshift studio, I knew we had something awesome on our hands.

As a music writer, it gives me such satisfaction to meet artists with the balls to pull off a performance like this.  After having attended their official showcase last night and seeing exactly how stripped down their performance for us was, I am even more impressed.  Quiet Company is a band with oodles of talent, seriously impressive musicianship, songwriting skills, and stage appeal to spare.  If there was ever a band ready to break out, it’s them.

Check out Quiet Company as soon as possible, and enjoy the first edit of this acoustic performance (final edit will be out ASAP).  My interview with the band will be coming up soon as well.

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